Mission Statement

The Hermit of Bethlehem

“…hidden with Christ in God.”(Colossians 3:3)
… a Martyr of Conscience
who gives Witness to God’s
Existence, Supremacy and
while mirroring the love of the
Heart of Jesus
in a consecrated life of
Celibate Love!
.a Servant of the Church
…who stands in the Presence of the
Triune God,
Seeking a Life
…of greater separation from the world
…of unceasing prayer and penance
.. .in the silence of solitude
…for the praise of God
…and the salvation of the world.

Father Eugene C. Romano
Desert Father of Bethlehem


We are called to live in the mysteries of Christ, hidden in His wounded Heart before the Father. We live an eremitic, contemplative, sacrificial life, as provided under Canon 603, in the silence of solitude, separated from the world (in order to be more present to its spiritual needs), and consecrated by public vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Nurtured on the Bread of the Word and the Bread of the Eucharist, we become bread for the Church and the world, praying especially for priests, deacons, seminarians and religious and for the unity and sanctity of family life in union with Mary, Mother of the Incarnate Word.