Message in Commemoration of the Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael Archangels

Today’s feast marks the 40 anniversary of the gift to Father Eugene Romano of the land, where Bethlehem Hermitage is built, from Mr. Frank Van Alen . The Hermits raise their prayer of praise and gratitude to Almighty God for this great gift. We join with Saint Michael the Archangel ,”Who is like God”, in confessing that Bethlehem Hermitage is God’s work; with Saint Gabriel Archangel, “God is my strength”,we give testimony that since God alone is the inspiration of the Bethlehem Hermits,it is He Who grants them the grace to persevere in their eremitical vocation; and with Saint Raphael Archangel,”God is my medicine”, confess that it is a heavenly medicine that brings spiritual and corporal healing to the visitor and friends of Bethlehem Hermitage. Please join with us in praising God for the wonderful things He has done for us!

A message from the Hermits of Bethlehem inspired by Father Romano